Chinese gaming industry – the way it works “World of warships” slash “Steal Ocean”

I’m not really much of a gamer myself but what China does to manufacturing industry is also happening to …. everything else:D. We’ve all seen photos of “Nyke” shoes or “Ploy Stations” back in the day but the same is happening to more sophisticated products nowadays. Sooo… there is that game “Steel Ocean” which is pretty much a copy of “World of Warships”. Not that I played any of these but did my research. “Steel Ocean” or “海战世界” was made by a game company Changyou which has also made other games that were trying to make it in the West after being relatively successful in China. Soo it has all started with a friend of mine who told me about a job that involved me pretending that I’m Russian to participate in a photo session(?????). The friend of mine who let me know about the gig, also told me that I just need to pretend that I do something on the computer and they will take photos of me. He’s done it before but they need new people for another session. I talked to the organizer who was a 19 years old Chinese girl from the university where I studied, and on the next day went to the scheduled place.

IMG_20150317_141000 IMG_20150317_141008
Somehow it was no surprise to me that I happed to see there (too) many familiar faces, since usually more or less the same people go for these jobs. All of them were Russian speaking and I was the only one who didn’t speak Russian as native tongue. The shooting place came out to be a seminar room in a fancy Chinese hotel.
There was a few Chinese photographers who seemed quite professional together with the sister of the Chinese girl who seemed like an extremely rich person and “the models”(ie. we) who were around 12. In the room there was a big game poster that that the photographers were especially focused on nearly as much as on the two Russian girls in “marine uniforms”.

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All the sessions took around 3 hours and we got paid 800 RMB which is something around 130 USD. Pretty decent afternoon I would say.


However, the funny things was that actually it was all a fake seminar that claimed to teach us strategies to play the game “Steal Ocean” or “Глобальные игроки”(Global gamers) as the game was supposed to be called in Russian. We had computers with a video of the game pre-recorded so we weren’t even playing. We were however forced to pretend that we actually play the game and then there was a guy who was supposed to pretend that he is teaching us how to play, who in reality was saying very stupid things in Russian that the photographers and organizer couldn’t understand.

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It seems that in the end the Russian marketing campaign didn’t hit it off. I was unable to find online the photos and press release from the session and it’s very possible that it hasn’t been published. I found the photos and article about the first session in which some of my friends participated. It’s only in Chinese, and talks about a “Steel Ocean” seminar in North America. None of the participants were to my knowledge American and the “Seminar” took place in Beijing China.
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