Couchsurfing – I just wanna couch – not a host.

June 19, 2016

Couchsurfing in recent years became more and more popular and to some extent even mainstream. There are many people however who never heard about it or would never use it by themselves. However my experience tells me that people who don’t want to couchsurf aren’t usually afraid of their safety but simply find it uncomfortable. In a way that’s quite understandable. I personally know quite a few guys who prefer…


Hitchhiking: The ultimate newbie manual.

Hitchhiking cover
June 19, 2016

I’ve been often asked how is hitchhiking, how do I do it and of course quite a few people hearing some stories about getting a hitch, were giving me these funny looks which were supposed to let me know “that they think I’m crazy”. From the drivers that picked me up on the other hand I used to hear that there is not many people hitchhiking nowadays, how dangerous it…


Five myths about busking that aren’t true

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June 17, 2016

You can be confronted with two basic reactions telling people that you are busking and making your living out of it. First, they can think that you are crazy, asocial, don’t want to work and in that case, they will probably even think that you are too unstable to have a job. Well that’s quite about right. The other one is seemingly a bit different but in the end is just different…


Squatting in Switzerland

le ruclon
June 14, 2016

Right now I’m hitchhiking in a car of an old Russian guy who picked me up next to Grenoble,it is around 3 p.m.. The guy himself is a person about whom one could write a book. High-level engineer in Soviet Union, doing something with satellites in Leningrad – after the fall of communism emigrates to Germany – to do the same for a better pay and with different political allegiance….