Squatting in Switzerland

le ruclon
June 14, 2016

Right now I’m hitchhiking in a car of an old Russian guy who picked me up next to Grenoble,it is around 3 p.m.. The guy himself is a person about whom one could write a book. High-level engineer in Soviet Union, doing something with satellites in Leningrad – after the fall of communism emigrates to Germany – to do the same for a better pay and with different political allegiance….


Can people in China live together before marriage?

January 15, 2016

Once I’ve heard a funny story of a Chinese girl living with her fiancé. All was quite normal, at least until the girl’s mother didn’t decide to pay them an unexpected visit. The latter called after having already arrived at the airport so that the couple had just one hour to prepare. While the girl went to pick up her mother, the boy had to…. fetch a mattress to pretend…