Hi! Jan is me(It’s really my name making it very convenient in terms of domain name) and obviously I’m the author! This blog was previously available as Alternativelife.eu but since the hosting company decided to wipe everything out anyway I decided to change the concept and name a little bit.

Current location: Beijing, China

About me: Myself a product of lower-middle class family from a post-communist, sort of western country. I studied in a few countries  like Germany,  Poland, England(Nottingham) China(Beijing) and lived in some more. I worked for some app and tech companies, as well as in a plethora of part-time and volunteering jobs all around Europe and Asia. I’m also a beginning entrepreneur – I recently discovered that you don’t really need much effort to cover your rent and expenses as long as you think for yourself. Yes the “Four hour work week” is actually possible. 

I know something about music, (used to make my living this way) languages and quite a bit about China. I have an above-average knowledge of cheap travelling and I can some things about hitchhiking and living without money. I studied History, Sociology, Diplomacy and Journalism and I’m fluent in Spanish, Polish, Russian and German while being decent in French and Mandarin Chinese. I also consider journalism, film and sociology to be my hobbies. Btw. I’m pretty convinced that hobbies have to generate income even if it doesn’t happen immediately. I found out that all these labels like “work”, “hobby”, “studying” are pretty useless and life in reality is much more complex than the words we use to describe it.

 This blog I don’t see as my personal journal but rather as a platform to publish my articles and share . 

I would also like to believe that I’m not a pretentious bottomhole who writes stuff about the kind of dessert he likes to eat and telling people how to live their lives. I know that my writing style isn’t marvelous but hey! We are all learning right?