• Chinese gaming industry – the way it works “World of warships” slash “Steal Ocean”
  • My first job in a Chinese company – how it doesn’t work
  • “Nomadism”, “Drifting” or just hustling without a label
  • Scholarshipping: The art of getting in and around penniless.
  • Spring festival with a Chinese family

Chinese gaming industry – the way it works “World of warships” slash “Steal Ocean”

I’m not really much of a gamer myself but what China does to manufacturing industry is also happening to …. everything else:D. We’ve all seen photos of “Nyke” shoes or “Ploy Stations” back in the day but the same is happening to more sophisticated products nowadays. Sooo… there is that game “Steel Ocean” which is pretty much a copy of “World of Warships”. Not that I played any of these…


My first job in a Chinese company – how it doesn’t work

Once, I’ve heard somebody working in the European parliament saying that it’s the most inefficient place he has ever seen. Well I’m quite sure he has never worked in any Chinese company or institution. Even though I have never worked in the European Parliament can already tell that compared to some Chinese companies it’s (or must be) an example of efficiency and orderliness. Getting recruited So in 2014 I landed…


“Nomadism”, “Drifting” or just hustling without a label

While living outside of my “home country” many people ask me what do I actually do there. People always like to give titles, and talking to somebody actually means juggling with different badges and keywords. Sometimes however It’s actually pretty difficult to explain to some people what you are actually doing somewhere, especially if there is many reasons for you to be there and none of them is  the very…


Scholarshipping: The art of getting in and around penniless.

According to urban dictionary Scholarshipping can be defined as: ”The act of looking at a scholarship website and praying that something applicable will turn up. then mailing out countless applications in hopes that someone else will be kind enough to pay your substantial college debts for you“ It’s clearly north American since in normal countries you don’t really have to pay for school or anything like that. It’s bad enough…


Spring festival with a Chinese family

It’s an article from February 2015* I was really shocked at first how much the way of celebrating of Chinese New Year is similar to the Catholic way of celebrating Christmas. I felt as if I was back home for a while. The Chinese New Year I celebrated with my girlfriend Momo and her family in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province in the south of China . Momo’s closest family is composed…


Couchsurfing – I just wanna couch – not a host.

Couchsurfing in recent years became more and more popular and to some extent even mainstream. There are many people however who never heard about it or would never use it by themselves. However my experience tells me that people who don’t want to couchsurf aren’t usually afraid of their safety but simply find it uncomfortable. In a way that’s quite understandable. I personally know quite a few guys who prefer…

Hitchhiking cover

Hitchhiking: The ultimate newbie manual.

I’ve been often asked how is hitchhiking, how do I do it and of course quite a few people hearing some stories about getting a hitch, were giving me these funny looks which were supposed to let me know “that they think I’m crazy”. From the drivers that picked me up on the other hand I used to hear that there is not many people hitchhiking nowadays, how dangerous it…

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Five myths about busking that aren’t true

You can be confronted with two basic reactions telling people that you are busking and making your living out of it. First, they can think that you are crazy, asocial, don’t want to work and in that case, they will probably even think that you are too unstable to have a job. Well that’s quite about right. The other one is seemingly a bit different but in the end is just different…

black mamba and me

Free-Russian-Food restaurant in Beijing

If you are looking for some cheap food in China then it’s actually nothing hard, but finding some “normal” western food (especially something edible and in nice atmosphere) may already present a challenge.   No surprise, for me it actually WAS a challenge until I started hanging out in the Russian district of Beijing. It all started when a Russian acquaintance of mine once asked me if I want to…


Foreign bums, Chinese scams and looking for job in Beijing

  Posted By Jan Piatkowski on November 12, 2014 I bet everybody has heard some weird stories about getting strange jobs in China. It’s about the things which seem to be impossible back home and about which you hear on the TV sometimes. Thus, probably a “fake orchestra” would be considered a scam in Europe but in China an orchestra in which performers have never performed or even learned anything about music…